Prekomp 2011



Freakeasy's Blacklight Beats and Bowling Pajama Party! Sat. March 14th 2015

FUCN #4.0 - Friday February 27th w Keith Mackenzie and John Simmons

DJ John Simmons - FUCN 4.0 - Feb 27th, 2015

FUCN #3.0 - Friday January 30th, w Mr. Gene Hunt and Shazam Bangles

F#CK Your Club Night - 3rd Annual BALLERS BALL edition , December 26th 2014


F#CK YOUR CLUB NIGHT 1.0, Nov.28th 2014

DJ HEATHER - Freakeasy Halloween 2014

SLANG - Live Art Installation - Freakeasy Halloween 2014

DJ ICEY -  Freakeasy Halloween 2014

The legendary Boo Williams - Pre:Playa Massive 6.0 - Chicago 2014

Irina Laura - Aerialist - Detroit- Pre:Playa Massive 6.0 - Chicago 2014

Keith Mackenzie - Pre:Playa Massive 6.0 - Chicago 2014

ELITE FORCE  (UK) - Resonate 9.0 - May 17th 2014 - Concord Music Hall - Chicago

JESSE ROSE (UK) - Resonate 9.0 - May 17th 2014 - Concord Music Hall - Chicago

Vau de Vire Society (SF) - - Resonate 9.0 - May 17th 2014 - Concord Music Hall - Chicago

The Freakeasy #997- Tag Team Throwdown

Glenn Underground - Freakeasy #99

Zebo - Freakeasy #997

Freakeasy #998 - GIRLS RULE! 

DJ Ripley - Dutty Arts - NYC Freakeasy #999

The Freakeasy "Ballers Ball" - Saturday, Dec, 21st 2013

The Freakeasy "MACH 5", FIVE Year Anniversary w Derrick Carter, 2013

Derrick Carter - FThe Freakeasy "MACH 5", FIVE Year Anniversary 2013

The Freakeasy "Day Of The Dead" Halloween 2013, Metro Smart Bar! graphic by Sal D'amico

Phuture (aka Phuture 303) w - Spanky and Herb J, Freakeasy Halloween 2013!

J.R. Jordon - The Vocals behind so many classic Acid House tracks - Live w Phuture at Freakeasy Halloween 2013

Freakeasy #97!!! FreakaReKomp, Sept. 2013!

My Boy Elroy - FreakaReKomp! Sept. 2013

SLANG! FreakaReKomp! Sept. 2013

JEEKOOS! FreakaReKomp! Sept. 2013

FREAKAPREKOMP PLAYA MASSIVE , Sat. Aug 3rd, 2013, Burning Man Camp/Art Fundy

Freakeasy Tire Swing Of Death -Summer 2013

 Hookahdome - Opulent Temple - Burning Man Camp Fundraiser, Smart Bar Chicago July 25th 2013

Karsh Kale - Freak Nation! July 2013

Justin Long - Freak Nation! July 2013

Joshua Iz - Freakeasy MayDay 2013

Hot Carla by SLOAN! Freakeasy MAYDAY 2013

FreQ Nasty - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago

Dabrye - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago

Environmental Encroachment - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago

Pyrotechniq - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago

Freedom Danish - Toronto - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago

Knock Knock Hot Spot - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago

Mr. Gene Hunt - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago

Resonate 7.0,2012. Chicago

Stax! Freakeasy #77, March 9th, 2013

DJ Deekline - UK - Breakstep Master!  The Freakeasy- Feb!  2013

Dakini Circus - Detroit - Resonate 7.0 - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago - Chicago

Vidya Govind - Bharata Natyam Indian Dance Performance w Karsh Kale on Tabla
*Just added to Curse OF The Voodoo Doll Halloween 2012*

Artist: Pete Missing - Curse OF The Voodoo Doll Halloween 2012

Karsh Kale - DJ Set and Tabla Performance: Curse OF The Voodoo Doll Halloween 2012, Freakeasy#2, and Resonate 4.0

DJ Slugo and DJ Deeon - Freakeasy Ballers Ball 2012 & Curse Of The Voodoo Doll - Halloween 2012

photo: Romper Shroom - Burning Man 2011- design by Yva Neal - placed at PreKomp Playa Massive 2.0 and ReKomp 1.0-  Chicago - 2011/12

Great Lakes C.O.R.E. Project - Burning Man 2011 - PreKomp Playa Massive 2.0 - 2011-2012

Freakeasy Ballers Ball 2012 . What a blast!

Majik doing Freeform Fire at Resonate 7.0 - 2012 - Chicago

The Freakeasy Compilation Video 2006 thru 2012 - Chicago and Burning Man

Freakeasy Village (of the damned) at Lakes Of Fire - 2012 Burning Man regional

Resonate 5.0 - 2009: Congress Theater - Chicago 2010

Dollface - Resonate 6.0 - Metro Smart Bar Chicago 2011

Freakeasy presents: The Monkey's Paw Massacre - Halloween Chicago 2011- Metro:Smart Bar. Design - Heather Albekier

Monkey By David Nasca!

Beats Antique live at "Hookahdome - Outside The Dome" - Freakeasy/Hookahdome Burning Man 2011 - 5000 people engaged!

Iris Iris Pasic - PreKomp Playa Massive 3.0 - Chicago - 2012 -Curse OF The Voodoo Doll Halloween 2012

Resonate X
Saturday, May 2nd

Metro-Smart Bar Chicago

"All Building" Event

3730 N. Clark St.
Chicago, Il 60613

Chicago's Burner Community comes together for the ultimate FREAKSHOW!
Inspired by the Burning Man arts festival out in the Nevada desert,
Resonate is Chicago's largest DIY Art, Performance and Music event.
This year we are going all out to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

Featuring over 300 participants and volunteers, Resonate X is an
all-inclusive event that pimps our community's vibrant Art, Music and
Performance scene.  Special Guests include Nickodemus (NYC),
DJ Dragonfly - (Symbiosis San Francisco), Idea Fabrication Labs -
(Chico, CA), Cleverpillar, Anode Deigns and Environmental Encroachment 
amongst 100's of amazing performers and artists and installs. 
All on five stages and venue environments including Chicago's only outdoor Fire Arts and
Performance Stage.

Resonate X will completely transform Metro Smart bar with more
amazing Art, Music, and Performance than ever before! Started back
in 2006 as a way to foster the Burning Man community here in Chicago,
Resonate has become the showcase of an entire community movement
that has grown exponentially over the past 10 years.

Come See WHY the Burner Community is what it's all about!
Resonate has SOLD OUT in advance 9 years running. Tickets are
available now in three discounted Tiers, get them while you can.

Resonate X Badass Music

Nickodemus - (Wonderwheel Recordings / TOTH) - NYC
DJ Dragonfly - (Symbiosis) - San Francisco
Adrienne Sanchez
Burton L & Darcy
Carla Starla
Dan Rabbit
Duke Shin
Easy Jack
Environmental Encroachment
Julian I-O
Justin Reed
Keith Mackenzie
MC Zulu's Electro Reggae Sound System
Nate Manic
Organic Groove Continuum
Puffs Baggswelle
Tim Nice

Resonate X Badass Live Art, Art Installs and Participants:

Amy Joiner - UV Body Art
Anode Designs - Live Art and Install
Anthony Di Taranto - Venue Stretch Fabric Design
Artivore - Live Art
Bad Advice Bears - Info Booth
Baramesi - Event Photography
Bassicorn 2.0 - Gordon Kummel Designs - Interactive Install
Brilliantlymad - Event Photography
C.U.R.B. - Event Rangers
Cleverpillar - Smart Bar Room Installation
Curtis Jensen - Live Art
DanceSafe Chicago - Info Booth
David Hilborn - Live Art
Firestorm's Expressions - Art
Gerard Sabb - Live Art
Girl and El Gato - Sculpture by Marika Rika
Great Eye Films - Event Photography
Idea Fabrication Labs - Main Stage Design and Install - Chico ,Ca
Iris Iris Pasic - Live Art
Jana Blue - Artography
Jenny Koehler - Live Art
Junicorn Sparkles - UV Body Art
Justina Radzeviciute - Live Art
Keith Brownlee - Live Art
Laser Graffiti - Laser Vector Art
Leekovision - Body Art
Merrick Brown - Live Art
Misha Esterkin - Live Art
Mr .Vibe - Palm Reading
Nicole Campbell - Live Art and Promotions
Nicolle La Mer - Live Art
Party Post by the Postmasters - Interactive Install
Paul Crisanti - Event Photography
Philamonjaro - Event Photography
Poetry Brothel - Felissae Mae Capelletti
reMixed Ink - Live Silkscreening
Residual Glow - String Art 
Roadkill - Live Art
S K Garcia - Live Art
Sabine Miller - Interactive Art Installation
Shea Waffles Johns - Ambient Sight - Install
Simon Rubinstein - Event Photgraphy
Sohyoung Park - Main Room Tree Sculptures
Sparr - Decorative Shibari
The Honeycomb Wall - Ayda Keshtkar
The Huggery - Interactive Installation

Resonate X Badass 'Triple J' Juke Joint Stage:

Abraham Mellish
Adam Ness
Joshua Gunty
Khari Lemuel
Steven Gilpin

Resonate X Badass Burlesque, Dance and Flow Artists:

Ellen and Rana
Eva La Vida
Gaea Lady
Good Times
Jared Lyons
Jessica Mic Colangelo
Jillian Sophia Josephine
Mandi Indiana
Mike Trahey
Minty Fresh
Talia Sassounes
Tatiana Sanchez & Mark Vaughan
The Spark - Turbo, Colin Breen & Heather
ThomAss Edison

Resonate X Badass Fire Performance Arts Stage:

Angeline Nicosia
Annie Anomaly - Night Magic Designs
Ashley Mendoza
Chicago Fire Technicians
CMF Hoop Troop
Coelti - Stage Manager/Curator
Colleen Pecho
Fae La Flame - Eastside Fire Tribe
Good Times - Empyrean Fire
Hoodie - Chicago Fire Tribe
Jennifer Romero
Joe Weber
Kitty Kait
Kyle Ford
Link - Night Magic Designs
Liz Campanella - Pyrotechniq - Stage Manager/Curator
Michael Trahey - Chicago Fire Tribe
Mitch - Stage Manager/Curator
Samantha Siren
Samantha Sparkle
Saundra Edgell

Jennifer Cross - safety
Kristen Torgler - safety
James Longfield - safety


Resonate X Badass Lighting, Video Installs, Sound and Org:

Antoine Kattar - Event Sound and FOH
Brett Owsley - Stage Management
Cappy - Stage Management
Eric Gelehrter - Retro active analog video device
ET Visions - Live Video
Fractaled Visions - Live Video - Main Stage Video Mapping and Install
Hannah Williams - Art Curation and Placement
Heather Albekier - Resonate X Graphics and Layout
Jenna Nordgren - Stage Management
John Ofori - Crypt Sound
Joshua Gunty - Stage Management
Jyl Bonaguro - Art Curation and Placement
Liz Campanella - Fire Arts Curation
Mazurbeam - Live Video
Rob Capatelli - Live Video
Rob Rob - Stage Management
Shorty Belle - Stage Management 
Squirt - Stage Management
Steve Casica - Main Room Lighting
The Freakeasy - Event Coordination, Admin and Production

...Line-up additions and changes available daily here.

*The Freakeasy would like to give major props to all the amazing volunteers
  that give their time to help the event selflessly! Thank You!* (For Realz)

Questions and Inquiries please contact:

Ask First : Respect Community : Leave No Trace : Dress To Kill™

You most likely have seen these words "Ask First : Respect Community : Leave No Trace" on community announcements, websites, and events. They are not Cliche', they are our community rules... Following these simple rules will go a long way in making "everyone's" experience a positive one.

If you do not know what they mean, we'd love share some examples :

#1: Ask First:
- Is it OK if I touch you?
- Can I take your photo?
- Can I use this glass?
- I'd like to spin fire, is that ok?
- Where's the garbage?

#2: Respect Community:
- Do not tag artwork or walls
- Do not smoke where there is "no smoking sign"
- Do not interrupt an artist while they're performing.
- Men's Bathroom is for Men, Women's is for Women
- Be considerate of our venue's neighbors, too much noise outside, peeing in their bushes, parking in illegal spaces, etc..
- Locking bicycles up to fenced gates can cause serious problems, think about it.
- People work REALLY hard to make fun things happen for you (and for no pay), please treat them and EVERYONE nice and courteously.
- Think about a little community police-ing too... see someone suspicious or someone acting like a foo at an event... find an organizer or security person and let 'em know.

#3. Leave No Trace !
- Pack it in, Pack it out
- you might have heard of the term MOOP. MOOP = Matter Out Of Place
- See a cup on the floor, throw it out, even if it is not yours
- Sticking Chewing Gum on walls sucks, sticking chewing gum on plants? even worse!
- Artwork w. MOOP-ish qualities not good. (i.e. things that fall off them and become trash on the floor)
- "Feathers" in your outfit become floor trash all the time, good look, bad idea.

These are just a few examples, BUT WE HOPE YOU GET THE POINT!

Burners Unite!

Want to volunteer for a Freakeasy? Have questions? please contact:

Site Header image of "Freakeasy Village of the Damned"-Lakes Of Fire 2012"by - Gopho Collective -Photography