Prekomp 2011


DJ HEATHER - Freakeasy Halloween 2014

SLANG - Live Art Installation - Freakeasy Halloween 2014

DJ ICEY -  Freakeasy Halloween 2014

The legendary Boo Williams - Pre:Playa Massive 6.0 - Chicago 2014

Irina Laura - Aerialist - Detroit- Pre:Playa Massive 6.0 - Chicago 2014

Keith Mackenzie - Pre:Playa Massive 6.0 - Chicago 2014

ELITE FORCE  (UK) - Resonate 9.0 - May 17th 2014 - Concord Music Hall - Chicago

JESSE ROSE (UK) - Resonate 9.0 - May 17th 2014 - Concord Music Hall - Chicago

Vau de Vire Society (SF) - - Resonate 9.0 - May 17th 2014 - Concord Music Hall - Chicago

The Freakeasy #997- Tag Team Throwdown

Glenn Underground - Freakeasy #99

Zebo - Freakeasy #997

Freakeasy #998 - GIRLS RULE! 

DJ Ripley - Dutty Arts - NYC Freakeasy #999

The Freakeasy "Ballers Ball" - Saturday, Dec, 21st 2013

The Freakeasy "MACH 5", FIVE Year Anniversary w Derrick Carter, 2013

Derrick Carter - FThe Freakeasy "MACH 5", FIVE Year Anniversary 2013

The Freakeasy "Day Of The Dead" Halloween 2013, Metro Smart Bar! graphic by Sal D'amico

Phuture (aka Phuture 303) w - Spanky and Herb J, Freakeasy Halloween 2013!

J.R. Jordon - The Vocals behind so many classic Acid House tracks - Live w Phuture at Freakeasy Halloween 2013

Freakeasy #97!!! FreakaReKomp, Sept. 2013!

My Boy Elroy - FreakaReKomp! Sept. 2013

SLANG! FreakaReKomp! Sept. 2013

JEEKOOS! FreakaReKomp! Sept. 2013

FREAKAPREKOMP PLAYA MASSIVE , Sat. Aug 3rd, 2013, Burning Man Camp/Art Fundy

Freakeasy Tire Swing Of Death -Summer 2013

 Hookahdome - Opulent Temple - Burning Man Camp Fundraiser, Smart Bar Chicago July 25th 2013

Karsh Kale - Freak Nation! July 2013

Justin Long - Freak Nation! July 2013

Joshua Iz - Freakeasy MayDay 2013

Hot Carla by SLOAN! Freakeasy MAYDAY 2013

FreQ Nasty - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago

Dabrye - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago

Environmental Encroachment - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago

Pyrotechniq - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago

Freedom Danish - Toronto - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago

Knock Knock Hot Spot - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago

Mr. Gene Hunt - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago

Resonate 7.0,2012. Chicago

Stax! Freakeasy #77, March 9th, 2013

DJ Deekline - UK - Breakstep Master!  The Freakeasy- Feb!  2013

Dakini Circus - Detroit - Resonate 7.0 - Resonate 8.0, Sat. April 20th, 2013. Chicago - Chicago

Vidya Govind - Bharata Natyam Indian Dance Performance w Karsh Kale on Tabla
*Just added to Curse OF The Voodoo Doll Halloween 2012*

Artist: Pete Missing - Curse OF The Voodoo Doll Halloween 2012

Karsh Kale - DJ Set and Tabla Performance: Curse OF The Voodoo Doll Halloween 2012, Freakeasy#2, and Resonate 4.0

DJ Slugo and DJ Deeon - Freakeasy Ballers Ball 2012 & Curse Of The Voodoo Doll - Halloween 2012

photo: Romper Shroom - Burning Man 2011- design by Yva Neal - placed at PreKomp Playa Massive 2.0 and ReKomp 1.0-  Chicago - 2011/12

Great Lakes C.O.R.E. Project - Burning Man 2011 - PreKomp Playa Massive 2.0 - 2011-2012

Freakeasy Ballers Ball 2012 . What a blast!

Majik doing Freeform Fire at Resonate 7.0 - 2012 - Chicago

The Freakeasy Compilation Video 2006 thru 2012 - Chicago and Burning Man

Freakeasy Village (of the damned) at Lakes Of Fire - 2012 Burning Man regional

Resonate 5.0 - 2009: Congress Theater - Chicago 2010

Dollface - Resonate 6.0 - Metro Smart Bar Chicago 2011

Freakeasy presents: The Monkey's Paw Massacre - Halloween Chicago 2011- Metro:Smart Bar. Design - Heather Albekier

Monkey By David Nasca!

Beats Antique live at "Hookahdome - Outside The Dome" - Freakeasy/Hookahdome Burning Man 2011 - 5000 people engaged!

Iris Iris Pasic - PreKomp Playa Massive 3.0 - Chicago - 2012 -Curse OF The Voodoo Doll Halloween 2012

The Freakeasy presents...


Halloween Chicago 2014

Saturday, November 1st
3730 N. Clark St.
Chicago - 60613
9 p.m. - 5 a.m. // 21+

THE FREAKEASY invites you to the ultimate FREAKSHOW!

On Saturday, NOVEMBER 1st, your Chicago FREAKS come together for the epic Day Of The Dead event
"Dead Celebrities SPECTACULAR".  Halloween has never been so creepy and fun at the same time!  Held at Chicago's most infamously HAUNTED venue, The Metro, "Dead Celebrities SPECTACULAR" features 3 performance and music stages, including our one and only outdoor FIRE SPINNING PERFORMANCE STAGE and ARTyard gallery/smoking lounge.

Special art, music and performance guests include SLANG, DJ HEATHER, Booty Breaks King DJ ICEY, ENVIRONMENTAL ENCROACHMENT, MR. GENE HUNT, Keith Mackenzie, Chicago Fire Tribe, Aeralist TOM HILL with SHORTY BELLE and your favorite FREAK performers.

Come See "Why" the FREAKEASY is what it's all about!  We are offering a limited amount of EARLY BIRD discounted tickets for you tier'd at $25 and then $30.  After that, we'll be switching over to Metro's Box Office at $30 plus fees. See you on the dancefloor!


 Live Video Installations
Live Art
Art Installations


DJ HEATHER - ((Blackcherry Recordings)
DJ ICEY - (Zone Records-Orlando)
MR. GENE HUNT (Rush Hour records)
Jeekoos (Party Time Society)
Adrienne Sanchez
Keith Mackenzie - (illeven:eleven)
Justin Reed
Organic Groove Continuum
Duke Shin
30,000 Watt Baby (AKA Nate Manic)


**CHICAGO FIRE TRIBE - Fire Spinning and Fire Arts
Kyle Ford - Pyrotechniq
Devin Breen - Pyrotechniq
Ellie Sorokin - Pyrotechniq
Mike Trahey - Gypsy Circus Tribe
Perkulator - Chicago Fire Technicians
Devin Bean
Joe Weber
Prabvi Gualoa
Monet Macabaret
Fire Stage Curated by Liz from Pyrotechniq

**ARTyard Music and Stage!
Good Evening - Live Acoustic Set
Feli Fury - Freakshow Sideshow
Yehoshua - Live Acoustic Set
Karlis Kandero - Live Set
Abraham Mellish - Live Acoustic Set
Ness - Live Acoustic Set
Angele Anise - Live Acoustic Set

**Fire Stage and ARTyardline-up additions announced daily...

DEAD CELEBRITIES Badass Burlesque, Circus and Performance:

Tom Hill - Aerial Acrobat
Shorty Belle - Aerial Acrobat
Nyxie Temptress - Burlesque
Shauna Vaughan Gabor - Burlesque
Miss Kitty Oaks
Prabvi GuaLoa - Tribal Fusion Dance
Lady Gaia - Modern Dance
Janelle Cooper - Booking
**more performers to be announced this week....

DEAD CELEBRITIES Badass Video, Lighting and Org:

MERKABA VISUALS - Live Video Main Room
Mazurberam designs -  Live Video Crypt
ET Visions - Live Video Crypt
Twonwreck - Soundfixer
Liz Campanella - Fire Arts Stage Curation 
Rob Rob - Stage Management
Jonny Kay - Stage Management
Brett Owsley - Stage Management
Joshua Gunty - Stage Management and ARTyard Sound
McNab Audio - Sound and Lighting ARTyard
Hannah Williams - Art Placement, Production and Curation
The Freakeasy - Main Event Production, Curation and Design

DEAD CELEBRITIES Badass Live Art, Art Installations and Community Installs:

SLANG - Live Large Scale Art (
East Block Party Posse - Bone Rivers and The Red Carpet Roll Call!
Anode Designs - Live Art and Installations
Yael Orellana - Live Large Scale Art
Iris Iris Pasic - Live Ambidextrous Art
Freakshow MIDWAY Art - Jody Cox
Brilliantlymad - Event Photography
ARTyard Outdoor Gallery by The Freakeasy
Ritual By Design - Henna Art by Sabreena (SF)
reMIXED INK by breedLOVE - Live Silkscreening
VIP (Vibration of Inanimate Persons) cuddle zone- by Gordon Kummel Designs
DanceSafe Chicago - Info Booth
Mr. Vibe - Palm Reader
Anode Designs - Art Installs/Live Art
Keith Anderson - Fractaled Visions - Entheo Art Installation
Amy J Designs - Body Painting
Junicorn Sparkles - Body Painting
Anthony Di Taranto - Design and Decor
Allentic - Live Digital Painting
Gopho Collective Photography
Sarka Dojarka - Body Art
Roadkill - Live Art/ARTyard
Curtis jensen - Live Art/ARTyard
Felissia Mae Cappelletti - Steamy Poetry Booth
JANA BLUE Photography - ARTography
Sal D'Amico - Event Graphics
**Artist Additions and line-up changes posted daily at:

*Stay Tuned In for line-up additions ....

*The Freakeasy would like to give major props to all the amazing volunteers
  that give their time to help the event selflessly! Thank You!* (For Realz)

Questions and Inquiries please contact:

Ask First : Respect Community : Leave No Trace : Dress To Kill™

You most likely have seen these words "Ask First : Respect Community : Leave No Trace" on community announcements, websites, and events. They are not Cliche', they are our community rules... Following these simple rules will go a long way in making "everyone's" experience a positive one.

If you do not know what they mean, we'd love share some examples :

#1: Ask First:
- Is it OK if I touch you?
- Can I take your photo?
- Can I use this glass?
- I'd like to spin fire, is that ok?
- Where's the garbage?

#2: Respect Community:
- Do not tag artwork or walls
- Do not smoke where there is "no smoking sign"
- Do not interrupt an artist while they're performing.
- Men's Bathroom is for Men, Women's is for Women
- Be considerate of our venue's neighbors, too much noise outside, peeing in their bushes, parking in illegal spaces, etc..
- Locking bicycles up to fenced gates can cause serious problems, think about it.
- People work REALLY hard to make fun things happen for you (and for no pay), please treat them and EVERYONE nice and courteously.
- Think about a little community police-ing too... see someone suspicious or someone acting like a foo at an event... find an organizer or security person and let 'em know.

#3. Leave No Trace !
- Pack it in, Pack it out
- you might have heard of the term MOOP. MOOP = Matter Out Of Place
- See a cup on the floor, throw it out, even if it is not yours
- Sticking Chewing Gum on walls sucks, sticking chewing gum on plants? even worse!
- Artwork w. MOOP-ish qualities not good. (i.e. things that fall off them and become trash on the floor)
- "Feathers" in your outfit become floor trash all the time, good look, bad idea.

These are just a few examples, BUT WE HOPE YOU GET THE POINT!

Burners Unite!

Want to volunteer for a Freakeasy? Have questions? please contact:

Site Header image of "Freakeasy Village of the Damned"-Lakes Of Fire 2012"by - Gopho Collective -Photography